When to Use Print Advertising

With the rising importance of digital marketing and social media, print advertising is often pushed to the wayside.  However, when used effectively, print advertising can be an important part of your marketing campaign.  Here are some advantages to print advertising and a tips on when you can utilize print to improve your marketing strategy.

When to Use Print Advertising:

You need something tangible.  Print advertising is a physical piece of marketing material.  Some magazines and newspapers can stay inside of a home or office building for months.  While internet ads are more fleeting, print advertising doesn’t go away.

You want to add credibility. When something is printed, it adds credibility and gives your advertisement a sense of legitimacy.

You want to solidify your brand identity.  Keep your print advertisements consistent with your brand image.  This will help you create a cohesive marketing strategy across all of your platforms.

You want to stand out.  With more and more businesses heading to the competitive internet marketing space, your print advertisements are given room to shine.

Looking to add print advertising to your 2016 media plan?  We offer print advertising and design services for your business’s needs.  Not only do we create your ads, we make sure they get premium placement.  We provide expertise in newspaper ads, magazine ads, direct mailings, yellow page ads, packing, and more.

Learn more about our print services on our website or call 818-703-0218 to speak with a print advertising expert at our full service advertising agency.

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