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Grow brand awareness and online/ in-store sales across the full suite of advertising initiatives utilizing Ad Fund, Company Store, Grand Opening, and Franchise budgets focusing on Tailgating messaging around major sports events.



Utilize a custom media mix by store location to reach new and existing customers at each stage of the consumer journey ultimately driving sales conversions online and in-restaurant.

Google Stack

Leveraged the Google Stack across SEM, YouTube, and Performance Max to drive lower funnel conversions relating to tailgating content and keywords. 


Utilizing Promoted Pins and Idea Pins to drive engagement and tailgating catering ideas for prominent sports moments with related keywords and interest groups.


Using reach and conversion campaigns we highlighted tailgating messaging to drive awareness and sales conversions online and offline. 


Tapping into our 1P audiences for lookalikes and retargeting, we increased reach and frequency across premium publisher sites with contextually relevant categories.

Streaming TV

Using premium content across FEP (Full Episode Player) Live Sports programming, we promoted specific tailgating commercials to drive awareness. 


Strategically placed OOH static and digital units were placed with a 1-5 mile radius around specific store locations for additional reach and awareness building. 


Leveraging terrestrial radio and streaming audio platforms, we reinforced tailgating messaging to promote specific offers surrounding sports, news, and music content. 

Direct Mail

Custom offers sent to specific households within our target demographics on top-quality plastic mailers. 



1 %
Increased Imps
1 %
Increased CLicks
1 %
Revenue Lift
1 %
ROAS Increase

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