How Will Video Impact Marketing in 2016?

Video advertising is more important than ever before.  As you finish crafting your 2016 media plan, don’t forget to include video!

Keep these video marketing trends on your radar as you prepare your business for the New Year!

2016 Video Marketing Trends:

  • YouTube – If your business doesn’t have a YouTube channel in place, it should!  Social channels like YouTube are dedicated to hosting videos that you can advertise your services on.
  • Facebook – Facebook and other social platforms are also increasingly including video options.  Videos now auto play in your Facebook news feed and in many cases, this can improve your reach.
  • Search – Google is currently testing the idea of video-based advertisements appearing in search results.  If they choose to accept this form of search, video could play a huge role in advertising in 2016.
  • TV – Of course, TV advertising will still remain an important factor in the year to come. With the Super Bowl around the corner, advertisers will see TV ads that improve reach and brand awareness.

Will you be including video marketing in your 2016 media plan?  Give the digital marketing and video experts at Bloom Ads a call!  Our video solutions leverage sight and sound to connect with consumers through the power of storytelling.  Call 818-703-0218 or visit our website to learn more about our video marketing capabilities.

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