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Mobile Advertising Trends To Watch in 2024

As we roll into the start of a new year, brands that keep their thumb on the pulse of mobile advertising trends are the ones that will deliver fresh, engaging content to their audiences the most often. It’s a crucial way for brands to keep ahead of the curve, and to meet their customer’s expectations through mobile channels. 

Here, Bloom Ads will examine the top three trends that we expect to see in 2024, and how those trends will shape the mobile advertising landscape in the coming year. 

1. Short Form, User Generated Video Content 

There’s no mistake that short-form video is the king of content right now – it’s evolved dramatically in the face of TikTok’s success, with every social platform attempting to copy the trend – YouTube’s shorts and Instagram’s reels are both ways that platforms are staying on top of their audiences’ craving for short, easy-to-digest content. 

What this content has to offer is the appeal of being user-generated. Customers, by and large, are turning more toward authentic, word-of-mouth-style content to help them make purchasing decisions. 

In terms of mobile advertising trends, short-form user-generated video content is one of the most important ones that will become a cornerstone of brand reach in 2024. User-generated content leverages just how easy it is to make, share, and engage with short-form videos with nothing but a smartphone and an internet connection. 

Why it works 

User-generated content is terrific for engagement since word-of-mouth advertising will never stop being the most effective form of getting people interested in a brand or product. Mobile users are inclined to engage with content made by their peers. 

It’s also cost-effective; instead of pouring hours and hours into the planning, design, and execution of a mobile ad campaign, mobile advertising teams are advised to reach out to their users and have them share their firsthand experiences with a brand or product on their own time. Incentivizing this content creation will help get the ball rolling. 

2. Mobile Gaming Is Taking Over 

While video game aficionados still love their consoles and PCs, many more casual gamers turn to the ease of having an entire console in their hands through the ever-growing mobile gaming industry. About two billion people globally open their phones to play video games, which will only increase as 2024 rolls onward. 

What does that mean for advertisers? In-game ads, sponsorships, and partnerships with mobile game developers will be more fruitful than ever. In 2024, advertising in mobile games will prove to be an increasingly profitable venue. 

Why it works 

Part of what makes this mobile advertising trend so effective is its low barriers to entry for the consumers. While many of them include microtransactions or pay-to-play models, some of the most popular mobile games are free to play, or relatively inexpensive at the very least. This means that a wide range of consumers from every demographic will be tuning in. 

Want to keep your mobile advertising more targeted? Thankfully, thousands of different games exist between the Apple App Store, Google Play, and other app repositories. This library spans an endless array of genres. 

Some might worry that mobile games are for a strictly younger audience – as it happens, this simply isn’t true. From teens to business professionals who tune into a quick mobile game to relax at the end of the day, there’s a game for every niche. If your brand is trying to reach an even older audience, try digitized versions of classic board games, like Yahtzee or Mahjong, or card games, like solitaire or poker. “Match Three” games (like Candy Crush) are popular across demographics, and there are plenty of them to choose from. 

3. Streaming is Here To Stay 

In 2024, it’s advised that those who haven’t embraced the role that streaming media plays in today’s mobile landscape for their advertising strategies hop on board as soon as possible. Through dozens of apps, mobile users are turning their phones into TVs. While there’s still plenty of room for traditional television advertising, streaming should not be ignored. 

Live content is a critical player in that, with users flocking to live-streamed video on social media in droves. Live streaming will only continue to grow as one of the fastest-emerging mobile advertising trends as improvements in digital capabilities continue. 

Why it works 

One of the best things about mobile streaming is that it enables brands to interact directly and immediately with their target audience. Real-time communication can go a long way in building up brand resonance, and interactive marketing is perfect for impromptu Q&As, polls, and even giveaways. 

This is to say nothing of the drawing power of FOMO – fear of missing out. Events and interactive streams that engage and entertain an audience will encourage even more users to tune in to see what all of the fuss is about and be a part of what’s happening. 

Advertisers don’t always need to arrange a stream of their own if time, budget, or technology doesn’t allow – finding an influencer who streams their content on TikTok, YouTube, or Twitch and drumming up a partnership can be just as lucrative. 

The Future of Mobile Advertising Trends 

It’s impossible to say with any definitive authority what exactly 2024 will bring, both to the world at large and to the sphere of mobile advertising trends. There are some emerging trends that we can make a few predictions about. 

Artificial intelligence

You’ve undoubtedly heard about the significant changes that artificial intelligence (AI) has brought to the internet across all channels. AI and machine learning, which helps artificial intelligence tick but can also be considered a separate entity, are two technologies that are improving the way they bring hyper-personalized content to consumers and improving their overall mobile experience. That can include product and service recommendations. 

Artificial intelligence will undoubtedly play a role in mobile advertising trends going into 2024. A study by Gartner suggests that artificial intelligence will automate processes like personalization, lead generation, and marketing performance management. 

Privacy Matters 

More than ever, users are concerned for their data and privacy, both on desktop and mobile applications of the internet. Our mobile phones are housing an immense amount of data, and more and more consumers are questioning where that data goes and how it is used. This goes doubly for photos, messages, and financial information – the things most people want to keep private. 

In adopting and adapting mobile advertising trends, brands are advised to prioritize privacy and security best practices. 

Creative Advertising is Crucial 

No matter how you get the word out about your brand or business, one thing that will always get a message out is creativity and originality. A creative advertising campaign will turn heads and stick in the memory of those who see it. 

That’s where Bloom Ads can help. Our creative advertising team specializes in creating custom-crafted media plans that are laser-focused on a distinct blend of creativity, innovation, and results you can see. 

Contact Bloom Ads today if you’d like to take hold of today’s mobile advertising trends with creative components built for any channel.

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