Taking Advantage of Monthly Awarenesses

When you’re planning a marketing campaign, it’s important to create content and advertisements that are, what we in the business world like to call, evergreen content. In other words, content that is relevant year-round. However, if you want your advertisements and business to appear timely, you should also include content that focuses on monthly awarenesses.

When it comes to what awarenesses to focus on and how to relate them to your campaign, here are some tips.

Choose Major, Non-Denomination Holidays

If you’re going to center a campaign month around a holiday, you’re better off choosing one that applies to the general public rather than one religious or political group. One of the best holidays to do this with is Halloween since it’s a day centered around spooky merriment.

Create campaigns that play on fear and are centered around (somewhat) scaring potential customers. For example, if you’re an interior design company, create advertisements that make people nervous that their current space is not welcoming enough for customers and could be costing them sales.

Choose Health-Related Awareness Months

If there’s a cause that basically everyone can get behind, it’s raising awareness for health-related issues. Perhaps someone in your company has beat cancer or a VP has a strong passion for fighting Parkinson’s.

Taking a month (or more) to highlight your business’s involvement in raising awareness for these issues can not only create a stronger connection with your audience, but it’s also good corporate social responsibility and shows potential customers that your business cares about more than just revenue.

If you’re a hospital or medical center, you can easily create campaigns that focus on certain illnesses, such as Breast Cancer Awareness Month in October or Melanoma and Skin Cancer Awareness Month in May. This can be especially beneficial if your hospital or medical center has made major strides in preventing or curing certain diseases since you can highlight your expertise.

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