How to Advertise to Baby Boomers

One of the first things you need to consider when you are setting up your advertising campaign is your target audience. Who are you marketing to? What might work for one demographic – whether that comes down to location, interests, politics, ethnicity, gender, or age – won’t necessarily work for another.

Knowing your audience is key to a successful marketing campaign – especially if you are looking to market to an older audience. Much of today’s marketing research centers on millennials and below, leaving baby boomers in the dust. That doesn’t mean there aren’t quality products and services out there waiting to be discovered and bought by older generations.

If your general audience is in the baby boomer age group, the same on-trend, social media-savvy ads that work for younger adults won’t necessarily do the trick. We’ve broken down three key things to think about when it comes to advertisements geared towards baby boomers.

But First, a Quick Note…

The world is always changing, and those changes tend to accelerate at the intersections between tech, time, and people. And just because you’re targeting older audiences doesn’t mean you have to throw out the digital marketing baby with the bathwater.

Don’t be held back by stereotypes about how older generations view technology, whether that be email or social media. The question isn’t whether they’re using it, but rather how they’re using it. The central wisdom with all of the below tips for advertisements geared towards baby boomers is to tailor your marketing toward their needs and values.

Now for the tips!

Use Trends Wisely

Good marketing must be relatable to its audience. What does this mean for baby boomers? For one thing, current trends won’t always hit home.

Most common trends are geared towards millennials and under, and they’re transmitted through millennial-and-under modes of communication: social media. And while baby boomers are certainly present on Facebook, your marketing still needs to speak their language. If you do find yourself considering on-trend marketing, make sure the trend is relatable to baby boomers.

Don’t be afraid to incorporate tech in advertisements geared towards baby boomers. Just remember that video content, clear and readable text, and even email and direct mail are still very much effective with older audiences.

Remember a Personal Touch

Time is of the essence for your target audience. As the older batch of baby boomers are retired, they will have more time than the busy younger generations, allowing you more time to sell to them.

Time isn’t the only thing you’ll want to keep in mind — connection is a must. Baby boomers are known to carefully weigh their decisions, prioritizing individual needs and values. Because of this, you’ll have to work harder to sell your product. Baby boomers are famous for looking out for so-called Number One, so make them feel comfortable, make it relatable, and make it readable.

Think Copy

General marketing has gotten shorter and more concise, especially when it comes to social media. But these trends toward bite-sized bits of content don’t necessarily speak to all age groups.

For many baby boomers, reading is a beloved pastime – and when it comes to shorthand, they might skip it. Again, older generations are more tech-savvy than we think. But if acronyms and short and trendy text is too obscure, it may go right over their heads. Advertisements geared towards baby boomers should first and foremost speak to older generations’ values, no matter the form.

You’ll want to try and be as direct as possible while still keeping that personal touch in mind. Reviews, customer stories, behind-the-scenes copy, and longform blogs can be relatable to all generations, but especially baby boomers.

Reach the Right Audiences with Bloom Ads

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