Millennium Health Case Study 2014

The goals of this campaign were to increase awareness and drive traffic to Target demo 1) new customer segment within the Healthcare community and 2) expand cognizance to existing customer base on the broader offering of Millennium Health through a B2B approach. 



Utilizing a media blend of specialty print and digital tactics we executed a highly targeted multi-integrated campaign which included a cover wrap of Fortune Magazine, CBS Interactive, YouTube, 17 specialty healthcare publications, programmatic display and mobile products, social media and video.


Results YTD (Ongoing) – This campaign has dramatically increased traffic and brand awareness for Millennium Health. We have reached 1,490,320 print subscribers in the healthcare industry and 16,249,227 digital impressions in first two months. New visitors to the site have increased 58% since campaign launch. Average click through rates for the banner ads are at 0.155% considerably higher than national average of .09-.10%. The total completion rate for pre-roll video is currently 71%. Through an ideal balance of B2B media tactics, this campaign will be expanded in March to B2C using a combination of both offline and online tactics.

Additional Added Value: $46,470 (estimated value of FREE media YTD)