99 Cents Only Stores LLC

About 99 Cents Only Stores

99 Cents Only Stores is a premier deep-discount retailer offering consumers extreme value. Primarily carrying name-brand consumable, specialty items, and general merchandise catering to local areas.



Increase foot traffic by 5% across all SD locations while branding the 99 Cents Only Stores new creative messaging “Do The 99”.

Work with marketing team to monitor and report on store transactions WOW

Increase social engagement.


Created an in depth profile for EACH store to determine demo and behavior/lifestyle characteristics within each community.  Our comprehensive media plan was designed to increase transactions in and around local stores.

o“Surround sound” media tactics (radio, broadcast TV, zoned cable TV, digital)

oSpecific tactics, stations, dayparts, etc. were chosen to reach audience efficiently and effectively.

oUtilized station personality endorsements to create a sense of “community” and familiarity with the 99 Brand

oUsed “find location” call to action to drive and measure customer navigations to store or location page of website

oContinually monitor weekly transactions to optimize media mix to aid underperforming stores


Social total engagement was 5,165 (comments, shares, likes etc.)

FB Likes increased by 29% in first 4 weeks

In-Store transactions increased by3% within first 4 weeks of flight.

Zespri Kiwi Fruit

CHALLENGE: Raise awareness of health benefits of product in US & Canada while increasing social engagement

KPI: Increase retail favorability, social interaction and awareness


·         Audience Targeted Facebook Ads

·         Creation of #zespriforlifeto increase Twitter followers

·         Audience and Content targeted Programmatic Display Ads

·         Local Broadcast TV


·         Zespri brand awareness grew between 2% and 7%

·         33% lift in brand recall (with inclusion of Television)

·         64% increase in social interaction

Miracle Mint Media Buying and Media Planning Case Study

Our Media Agency has been working with Miracle Mint since 2010. Our MEDIA GOALS were to
launch brand new product into market and drive sales in-store and on-line.

They originally started with a $25K test campaign but had a host of reservations:

  • TV is too expensive
  • Difficult to measure
  • Hard to execute

We overcame all objections!

How did we do it?


  • Tracked pixels on TV ads
  • Developed data repository
  • Tracked ad components (creative, spot length, network, day part, etc)


  • Determined relationship between ad airings and website activity & store sales
  • Optimized schedules


  • Comprehended response rates and impact of specific advertising units

Panda Express Media Buying and Media Planning Case Study

Our goal was to increase brand popularity/educate consumers in markets less familiar with fast casual Asian cuisine. Introduce brand in new and emerging markets. Create national awareness in 27 DMAs.

How did we do it?

Surround sound strategy targeting diverse audience using TV; short form and traffic radio; OOH; welcome packets; online (display & video); yellow pages, magazine and sports sponsorships & endorsements. Incorporated enter-to-win sweepstakes – Trip to China

Added Value:

Fully executed multi market enter-to-win contest. Bonus TV schedules—including live on-air chef experience; radio spots and traffic sponsorships, sponsored helicopter traffic reports, feet on the street flyer distribution at station events, huge concert ticket give-a-ways (i.e., Shakira); VIP sporting events.

Where did we take them?

Increased brand favorability, over one hundred thousand contest entries (created data base from opt-in sign-ups); generated nationwide P/R buzz for Panda Restaurant Group. During our tenure, this client grew from 400 locations to over 850 in less than 5 years.

Las Vegas Performing Arts Center Case Study


To increase ticket sales for an upcoming Broadway performance.


Women 25-55, Las Vegas DMA

Campaign Products

  • Digital Display
  • Digital Display Retargeting


Digital Display 30-days:

  • 1,974,256 impressions
  • 307 clicks
  • CTR: .02%
  • Cost per click: $17.71
  • Homepage conversions (View Throughs) – 2,159
  • Cost per homepage conversion: $2.52
  • Total Sales Conversions: 507
  • Cost per sales conversion: $10.72
  • Total revenues: $108,918.00
  • Sales revenue ratio: 20.33

Digital Display Retargeting 2-weeks:

  • 240,872 impressions
  • 154 clicks
  • CTR: .06%
  • Cost per click: $4.22
  • Homepage conversions (View Throughs) – 235
  • Cost per homepage conversion: $2.76
  • Total Sales Conversions: 247
  • Cost per sales conversion: $2.63
  • Total revenues: $52,742.50
  • Sales revenue ratio: 81.20