3 Ways to Win at Email Marketing

Email marketing is often one of the most ignored forms or marketing there is. Without proper thought or strategy, it can be very easy for your emails to get lost in the swarm of spam. To start getting your emails noticed in an inbox and not marked as spam, here are three creative ways to improve your email marketing:

1. Think Unique

The world is mobile, and because of that, most people will probably be checking your emails straight from their smartphone, so you’ll want to wow them from first glance. A straight to the point or creative and witty subject line will have them clicking open instead of delete.

2. Think Personal

An email should not read like a press release or a formal letter; it should be personal and conversational. The key to really keeping your audience engaged is by having a message that speaks to them. To do so, you’ll need to know who your target audience is and the best way to do this is by building your email list through a pop-up form. By doing this, you can obtain and use their first name, and you already know there is some interest there, leading to a higher chance of email success.

3. Think Optional and Optimal

Your first email is your first impression so you’ll want to treat it as such. By sending out useful content and sales, you are more likely to get consumer interaction. Remember to save your emails for more vital content, and quality over quantity is key. Allow users to opt into being emailed offers and content. By allowing an opt in or out feature, you will also ensure your emails are hitting those who care.

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