5 Ways to Get to Know Your Customers

A business would be nothing without its customers, and a successful business is one that is always looking to get a better understanding of their customer base. In honor of Getting to Know Your Customers Day we have five easy ways you can work to get to know your customers a bit more:

1. Setup a Survey

Wondering the type of customer experience your customers are longing for — just ask them! You can have a survey preloaded on your website for clients to fill out before or after they request service; this will take away any guessing and allow for you to honestly see what they are expecting so you can go above and beyond.

2. Create a Meet and Greet

It’s never a bad thing to put a face with the name, and a meet and greet is the perfect way to do that. Holding an event will allow you to set your staff on the front lines, getting to talk and engage with customers and work to gain some new ones. It also shows the commitment you have to customer service, putting you above the rest.

3. Stress For Reviews

Online reviews are the best way to see where your company stands, and the more reviews, the better you’ll be able to improve your business. It’s the perfect platform to fix any issues that may have occurred and make them right while showing appreciation for your happy customers too.

4. Do Your Keyword Research

Through a little keyword research, you can have a better understanding of the mindset of your customers. Finding out the interests and specifically searched for terms of your desired customers will allow for you to form the best marketing campaign possible. You will gain insight into what they are looking to purchase and from whom.

5. Make use of Social

Think of your social media accounts as a new form of customer service. Beyond online reviews, customers will often look to social media to share their shopping experiences good or bad, and by engaging in community posts, it’s just another insight you can use to understand your customer base fully. Sharing engaging content can allow for you to open a form of communication between you and the customers and give them a face to your name.

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