How to Win Customers on the Consumer Journey

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The consumer journey might seem like a straightforward path, but there can be a lot of unexpected twists and turns. Fortunately, there is a lot that a business can learn from these unforeseen detours. Through customer feedback, purchasing habits, and reviews you can learn a lot about a consumer’s wants and needs — putting you a step above the rest.

So where should you start?

Map it Out.

Creating a customer journey map will help you understand when, where and how customers have connected with your business. Whether it focuses on a particular part of the story or an overview of the complete experience, the primary purpose is to pinpoint critical interactions so you can better understand your customer base. It’s also an excellent way to discover moments where you can enhance the consumer experience.

Don’t Underestimate Reviews.

Embrace customer ratings and feedback. This is an important part of building your brand’s reputation and can profoundly influence a buyer’s purchase. Use reviews in advertisements or place them on your website to help turn a weary customer into a lifelong one. Don’t forget to respond to them, too! A company response shows that you value a customer’s business and gives a more personal touch.

Think Multiple Platforms.

No matter what your business, you want to be available to customers on all possible platforms. In a world that is always on-the-go, a mobile-friendly, easy to navigate site will always win over the buyer. Being reachable through multiple devices will also broaden your range of customers and give you an advantage over your competitors.

Need help mapping out your consumer journey? The Bloom Ads professionals can help you build a clear strategy across all relevant channels that will turn customers into long-time consumers. Visit our website or give us a call directly at 818-703-0218 to learn more about our media planning services.

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