Titan Insurance Media Strategy Test Case Study

With years of experience running brand awareness and lead generation campaigns for insurance brands, we can help you take your brand to the next level. When you run a multi-layered custom campaign with Bloom Ads, we’ll create a customized plan that will target all phases of the marketing funnel, increase your exposure and reach more potential customers. See for yourself, by checking out some of our insurance advertising case studies below:


Titan Insurance is a brick & mortar and online retail store with multiple locations in 15 DMAs. Titan sells company branded products and services along with nationally recognized brands. They are a multi-channel insurance provider.

The business was being challenged by deep penetration in the industry along with the proliferation of ecommerce in the insurance space. Over 90% of their customers’ research and price shop online before making their final decision.

Our goal was to increase call volume while lowering the cost per call using call tracking and attribution reporting to measure performance. Bloom works with Titan as an extension of their marketing team in order to strategically place media at key time periods to ensure Titan is kept top of mind throughout the year.


Optimize media mix in order to increase new customers – decrease cost per call (CPC), target additional demographics, improve brand favorability, maintain customer retention rate and increase online acquisitions.

TV: Spot TV, Spot Cable, Remnant, Direct Response, Sponsorships & Taggables

RADIO: Using a variety of out-of-the box formats, Bloom used radio to reach Secondary and Tertiary demos & drive call to action

DIGITAL: Introducing our local first strategy Bloom helped geo target Titan’s digital efforts

PRINT: Local and regional print publications

The Finish Line

BLOOM’s recommendation to optimize the media mix surpassed CPC goal by 21%. New business leads increased over 40% YOY. Brand favorability increased in existing and emerging markets.